by Gianne, Gabriela, Dariana, and Leslie

Gianne, Gabriela, Dariana and Leslie's image

The Streetside Stories workshop at Cleveland Elementary School focused on the project, This is My San Francisco. Kindergarten and first grade students used the elements of illustration and storytelling to create their own version of San Francisco, or a world completely different from the one they live in. The students created landscapes, characters and stories for the world or city they developed. The students learned how to collaborate creatively and to keep an open mind by creating worlds and cities in groups. The final posters created displayed elements of San Francisco, places where only animals live, houses in the sky, and zombie fish, amongst other imaginative wonders.

Gianne: “There’s a snowman and our city’s name is Snowland and it’s never sunny because it’s just snowman land. We have a lot of snowmans and there is little ones and teachers.”

“There’s Santa Clause. He is not a snowman. He is a person.”

“This is the house of all of them. And this is the school. The name of the school is Gianne School.”

Leslie Sanchez: “That, that is gum, it’s bubblegum for eating.”

All: “It takes twenty hours to get there on the airplane or in the car.”

Gianne, Gabriel, Dariana and Leslie

Gabriela is a kindergartener, while Gianne, Dariana and Leslie are first graders at Cleveland Elementary School.