My Important Person

by James

My important person is me, because I want to survive with my family. I will never give up on anything in my life, and I'll be safe and respectful. I'll only be nice in my life. I respect the USA and every country. I will help every country I have been to. I will help people. And be good to people. To respect my community. And save the earth. And the people I see in my country. I will help people when they are hurt. I will be my best. And help people be nice and good. I love my life when people help me and I help them. I will help people when they are poor. And I will help them eat food to survive. I will treat them nicely when they are poor or rich.


My name is James. I am 8 years old and I live in the USA. I play lots of sports and run a lot of the time and I like playing soccer. (James is in the third grade at E.R. Taylor Elementary School).