My San Francisco

by Alexis

Honestly, I feel like San Francisco is a beautiful place.  It has its ups and its downs like other places.  Here are some reasons why San Francisco is an awesome place and why you should VISIT.

The first reason you should visit SF is because it's almost always hot and SF is near water.  You can swim or even have a water fight!  Another reason why I personally like SF is because it attracts a lot of tourists.  I think it attracts a lot of tourists because SF has places like Pier 39, Golden Gate Bridge, The Mission, Alcatraz, and Bernal Heights.  All of those places are also the THIRD reason why I love SF.

There is a lot of traffic and people cannot get to the places they want to go in time.  You should be aware of crime here, mostly in bad neighborhoods and empty places.  So avoid those places and stick to tourist attractions.  

If you're thinking of a place to visit, visit San Francisco! 


Alexis attends the Columbia Park Boys and Girls Club.