Doing My Best

by Laverna


I am a good friend,
and energetic.

On the outside,
I have black hair,
almond shaped eyes,
and am short like a lady bug.

On the inside,
I am a girl that never gives up,
am kind of smart,
and always believe in people.

I dream of being a girl that saves animals.
I wonder if they will like me?

I am from my loving parents and siblings,
Chinese food cooking all day long,
my friends' funny jokes and sticking up for me.

There was a time when I was so frustrated
with my homework.
I felt mad and sad.
I saw that it was very hard.
I heard people say, "Do your best,"
but I couldn't.
I felt like I was failing,
I smelled air that was scented with failure,
but I tasted that I could do it and should not give up.

My determination made me realize,
I should ask someone for help.
It's a waste of time for me just sitting there.
I hope that next time
I will always believe in myself no matter what,
and that you believe in yourself too!



Laverna is in the fourth grade at Sunnyside Elementary School.