Sad and Outcasted Girl

by Angelica


I am sweet as honey, pouring out with respect.
Gentle as a blanket, protected from the rough air.
Tall as a tree that will never be cut down.

On the outside,
I am smart, kind, and shy.
On the inside,
I am lonely, scared, and sad.
I feel something is missing inside.

I dream that my future will be successful.
I wonder if my family will be proud of me,
for doing the best job I can.

I am from making tortillas with my mom.
Playing with my aunt's cat.
My grandparents who are wise,
teaching me about our culture.
Proud of my heritage,
El Salvador,
and America.

There was a time when I went to Mexico to visit my family.
I felt sad, lonely, and outcasted.
My cousins had grown without me.
New cousins I didn't even know.
I was in the middle of the youngest and oldest,
all alone.

They thought I was different than them.
Being separated for years,
had made us strangers.
My heart is split.
Half in Mexico,
half in America.

My mom told me to use the time I had,
before returning home.
I felt like I had found what I was looking for.
When I feel an ache in my heart,
I remember the past is with me.


Angelica is in the fifth grade at Sunnyside Elementary School.