When I Learned How to Swim
My Life Splash
The Dive of My Life
Watery Learning

by Brandon

I walked into the indoor pool and the smell of chlorine filled my nose. Then I saw an athletic man. He was my new swim instructor. I learned a valuable lesson when I learned how to swim. It took a while because I was at first afraid of drowning in the water and not getting air. I first started swimming in St. Ignatius (S.I.) when I was five but didn't become good until I was eight. My dad first taught me how to swim because he was good at it, but then he took me to the YMCA to take group lessons. He then took me to private lessons. I learned from this person named who was a good swim instructor because he gave details on how to swim and sometimes demonstrated for me.

"Kick and move your arms up and down to breathe," Josh advised me. That was the first thing he told me to do. I did what he said.

"You swim like a drowning duck," my aunt giggled.

"Good job," Josh shouted.

"I finally know how to swim," I told myself.

I felt safer that I knew how to swim and couldn't drown anymore. I became better from the first day. Soon I learned all the strokes in swimming and joined the YMCA swim team and then I joined Fog City Hammerheads in S.I. I made friends and liked to go to the deep end. I've attended swim meets and I have been on the team since. I practice five times a week for 1 to 1.5 hours. My favorite stroke is the butterfly and I've gotten first many times in swim meets. This is a very important change because swimming is now part of my life.


My name is Brandon. I attend A.P. Giannini. I am eleven years old. I live in San Francisco, CA. In my free time, I like to swim, draw, and play video games. When I grow up, I would like to be an Olympic swimmer.