My Buddy and Me

by Ariel

When I walked into the pet store, it was so crowded with animals that the tanks would overflow. There were animals from all over the world, like iguanas, lizards, tarantulas, chinchillas and more. I experienced a change when I got a new pet hamster. I was ten years old when the change occurred.

Keep That Thing Inside the Box

At first I thought it would be hard to take care of a hamster, but I thought wrong. I bought my hamster at Petco, and the way I decided to pick it was the sense of humor.

"Yay! I got a hamster," I whispered.

After a few weeks, I decided to take the hamster out. I thought it would bite me but it didn't. I named my hamster Skywalker.

Save Your Money

After my mom got used to seeing my hamster out, we decided to buy a bell so he could run inside and outside without having us worried that he would go missing.

If That Hamster Gets Out, You Will Be Grounded for Two Weeks

I feel excited when I play with him because I have company. My favorite thing about my hamster Skywalker is that he is extreme, like the time he jumped off the bed and fell on the pillow. Then we saw that he liked to hide, so we bought him a little cave so he can hide if he is scared. The responsibility I had was to change his padding every week, or else it would stink. I also had to wash the tank and buy his food, water bottle and running wheel.

Having a pet actually changed my life because it taught me how to be more responsible with valuable things, like phones, animals and homework. It is important to be kind to animals so they won't be afraid of you. I thought having a pet changed my life. I plan to have a dog—a pit bull—because I want something I could play with every morning and afternoon. And because I want a pet that is better and can protect me.


My name is Ariel. I attend Buena Vista Horace Mann. I am 11 years old. I live in San Francisco. In my free time, I like to text, play with my neighbor and sleep. When I grow up, I want to be in the army.